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    Calamarie develops long term partnerships with artisans who are committed to their craft and use traditional techniques for weaving and jewelry making with organic materials. Calamarie upholds fair-trade principles ensuring that the artisans can support themselves and their families through their work. 


    Calamarie's head artisan, a gifted artist with an amazing sense for color and composition. After working for most of her life in an office setting and finding herself laid off later in life she turned to her hands and her love for crochet to make a living. Catalina met her at a street market in Bogota, Colombia back in 2008, saw something in her work and began collaborating with her.
    Two years later, after much growth Catalina approached Mery about becoming the head artisan for Calamarie-responsible for the orange peel collection, then in its infancy. They have collaborated since then on dozens of new designs, have dreamed up and made a reality an array of new colors and styles. They are constantly on Skype (when the internet connection is miraculously working) discussing every detail to ensure clients receive the most beautiful, highest quality artisanal product. Four years later, Mery now supports herself and her family with her work. She is most proud of being able to train and employ dozens of women in her neighborhood who assemble our pieces. 
    Cecilia is Mery’s entrepreneurial sister. Cecilia is very detail oriented and organized making her the perfect counter to Mery’s more artistic approach to things. She receives all orders, prepares all materials needed to fulfill them and then meets with the women artisans in her neighborhood to distribute the work. These artisans take work home with them, allowing them to care for their families and homes while generating additional income. Beyond her management role. Cecilia also has quite the gifted hands and takes on some of our most challenging jobs, like sewing each delicate orange peel rose onto an earring back to create our popular stud earrings.
    Mr. Seed
    Our seeds are all hand painted and hand polished by a small artisan shop, led by a true artist who we affectionately call Mr. Seed. Many seeds today are manufactured involving machines and chemicals to quickly achieve a finished look. We believe in slow fashion and we apply those principles to how we turn seeds into wearable pieces of art. It takes a bit longer, yet it results in an incredible natural polish and shine that still preserves the natural variations and tones of the seed/nut as nature created it. Our orders allow him to keep his young children in school and to preserve his dying craft.

    Orange Peel Makers
    A young college student (and now members of his family) shape and paint every orange peel piece in our collection as a way to pay his way through college. As demand has grown, more and more artisans have joined the Calamarie family. Women from Mery and Cecilia's disadvantaged urban neighborhood in Colombia's capital of Bogota are being trained to make bracelets, necklaces and more. This work provides them an extra source of income and the flexibility needed to continue to take care of their children and households. Indigenous mothers along the coast of Colombia create select bracelets to raise funds for their first ever-local school. The list grows everyday as more women find us and come to appreciate our little treasures.