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    Our eco-chic pieces won the 2013 Summer Eco-Choice Awards and have been featured in People Magazine, the Huffington Post, Telemundo and more...




    The Aros Knot Necklace featured in People Style Magazine

    in May 2013 is a unique, lightweight, easy to wear piece made from

    orange peel knots and hand painted bombona and acai seeds.

    Calamarie 3 Rose Necklace and Lotus Pin featured in American Salon Magazine's April 2013 issue. 
    Calamarie's article of Luri and Wilma's March 2013 issue!
    "Calamarie brought something new to the New York market: roses made as pieces of jewelry from orange peel and vegetable dyes, They are made in Colombia."
    "Dried orange peels discarded by Colombian street vendors are showing up around the necks of some of the most fashionable women in Washington—in the form of bright, beautiful roses, strung into necklaces along with seeds, nuts and beans. " 

    "“Art softens people,” she says. “Calamarie is about making the connection between art and culture. And hopefully, people will want to support artisans when they understand their story, when they know a little something about where the item came from and what it means.”

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